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Inventor Martin Grier had an early interest in firearms, gunsmithing, and the shooting arts. The acquisition of bullet casting and reloading equipment facilitated extensive training in all aspects of firearms and ammunition and resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the limitations of existing firearms. Martin grew weary of dealing with jams and reloading individual rounds into magazines. One day, after preparing a new box of ammunition for reloading, Martin conceived the idea for a firearm that enabled the entire ammo block to be slid into the magazine, streamlining the reloading process. Martin also intended for the design to effectively address overheating and jamming. To accomplish this, almost every aspect of firearm design had to be reinvented.
Initially, Martin decided not to release the new invention, as he felt the world didn’t need a more lethal weapon and hoped it never would. Years went by, and after 9/11 it appeared necessary to bring the idea into reality. In 2013, Martin completed the L5 prototype. Forward Defense Munitions, Co. was formed in 2016 to perfect the system and to free U.S. warfighters from the dangerous limitations of all other existing firearms.
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